Harstone Children’s Centre has three unique programs designed to stimulate and care for children ranging in age from 12 weeks old to 12 years old. Updated program information coming soon!

Harstone Child Care centres pre-school program


Preschool is the time to learn fundamental skills that will prepare children for their transition into school, and lay the groundwork for their skill development later in life.

Our preschool programs are filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery. Active, and enthusiastic children refine, and expand their skill set.

Our daily program is divided into varied areas to offer the optimum learning experiences for each child. We follow daily routines including: snacks, free play, toileting, nap, lunch, outdoor play, structured activities, and self guided activities.

Some of the activities include: art, dramatic play, music, manipulative play, sensory play, gross and fine motor opportunities, literacy, science, and block play.

Through intentional teaching practices, and purposely designed learning environments, our program ensures children have a meaningful, and fun learning experience everyday. Our emergent curriculum puts our preschoolers at the centre of their development, while our educators interact, observe, and interpret each child’s interest to encourage new discoveries.