About Us

Harstone Children’s Centre – 905 Sargent location was started in the fall of 1977 by a concerned group of working parent families living within the Sargent Park Community. The Centre has held a variety of names since beginning in 1977. April of 1988 saw the name changed to Harstone Children’s Centre Inc. The parents who started the Centre in 1977 were primarily trying to provide a childcare service that would meet the needs of working and single-parent families with school-age children.

Since its inception, the Centre has grown and developed its programs to include both full-time school age and kindergarten/nursery care. We currently are licensed for 24 nursery/kindergarten children and 36 school-aged children. We service Sargent Park, Sacre Coeur, Isaac Brock, Greenway and Wolseley schools.

Harstone Children’s Centre – Minto location, opened October 4, 1999. It is licensed for 32 preschool children. It is situated in a beautiful location surrounded by green space! Our children get lots of exercise and outdoor playtime.

Alverstone location was amalgamated on April 1, 2004. This location is unique because it’s operated out of a house giving it a very warm, cozy; and home-like atmosphere. We started with three different aged programs, infants, preschool and school-age. With our infant centre open, we now have 24 children in our preschool program.

We purchased 948 Sargent Avenue (Dominion Location) in October 2009 opening spots for 20 infants and 4 toddlers in September 2009. Our dream was to eventually convert the centre into an infant centre. Our dream has finally come true! We opened in October 2019 with 20 infant spots in our beautiful new centre!

We are very fortunate to have been approached by Principal Sparling School to open a preschool and school-age program in order to help with the growing urgency of daycare needs in the surrounding community. We opened a site in their home school thereby making it simple and easy for parents to have all their needs met under one roof! We have 24 nursery/kindergarten spots and 40 before and after school-aged spots.

September 2019 saw a new addition to the Harstone Family. We opened a new site located inside Clifton School. It is a mixed age group of children between 4 – 12 years of age. Our new location has 20 preschool and 40 schoolage. Clifton is a beautiful school with many windows for natural light and a large green space for play and exercise. We are very fortunate to be part of the school and its community, helping to support the working families while providing quality care in an area with a high need for licensed childcare.